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My heart clenches when I stare at you.
Just as it does when I gaze at the moon.

As if there was a connection established long ago,
a connection that my soul yearns to know.  

Yes! I have met you in the past, of that I am certain.
Though when, or where, I regret that I cannot determine.

But this feeling of old, it is unshakable
your presence and soul divinely unmistakable.

I have envisioned us together in ancient lands,
and there in my dreams we walk hand in hand.

We have enjoyed the company of the other,
in times of old we have remained together.

In ways you have changed but your soul remains.
Forever a beacon of light that calls my name.

We have locked eyes on multiple occasions,
and we search one another for recognition.

You see through smoke and fog of that I can tell,
you discern my aura through a timely veil.

I dare not approach lest I ruin my chance,
I will live in silence, sparing little but a glance.

Though I worry little, because we are destined to be,
together, as one, for all eternity.

For you are my soulmate, my other half.
And I will wait if I must, as I have done in the past.
We Have Met Before

I call this the “calm before the storm”, because the next poem I have to write has to do with social justice, and that’s always a shit storm.
But to be fair, have you felt this way? Certain people I can swear I’ve met before, but not in this life. And I often wonder if the people we marry, and are happy with, are those we’ve met in the past? Who knows. 

also thanks Nelyasun for the suggestion, reminded me to finish this! 

With the semester coming to an end, and a month of free time hanging in the distance, I plan to write more poetry. I've gotten some complete, but not enough. 

That said, any suggestions? 

I'm thinking of doing more social poetry, but also spiritual. Though the subject, i'm not clear on yet. I'll be posting some more throughout the week hopefully (absolutely no promises), but I'd like to be more active. 
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I'm trying to write more poetry and honestly it's so hard :/ I want to make my DA more active so hopefully I can get commissions on a regular basis, but atm, it's like...complicated. Uni has fried my brain out, so writing anything that's not academic is a challenge. 
  • Listening to: nothing
  • Reading: nothing
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: nothing because i don't have an id
  • Drinking: nothing
It has appeared that in our day and age, our world has lost its angelic light.
The beauty that wove your life together has lost all traces of the divine.

You saw the world in color once, and of those days you desire much.
Perhaps you have attempted to relive the joy, but have found yourself with no such luck.

And you cling to these blissful memories—where you were once content.
Clutching them tighter than you do the knife at your wrist.

Or perhaps this time it is a flurry of pills in your palms.
Or the gun you’ve stolen from your father’s lockbox.

And I myself can offer little words of emotional console
can hardly jerk you from your dark hole.

But I will try my best while I have this small chance,
so I beg of you to read what is coming next.

We’ll begin with conjuring up images of your parents,
fallen over your grave as your soul ascends to heaven.

Or perhaps the young child who will find your cold shell,
lip quivering, eyes water unsure of who to tell.

And if you are alone and life is against you,
I ask you to envision the future you.

Having overcome your demons and accomplished your dreams,
though only with life can you achieve such means.

And if you can count your days on the tips of your fingers,
I suggest making the time granted to you all the better.

Places are dark when life has lost its color,
and you feel abandoned when you can turn to no other.

But I tell you that this poem is them
this poem is the voice of those who want you to live.

If you have no one else please listen to me,
if the world doesn’t want you here, I do at least.

I know you’ve contemplated suicide; the day and the hour.
But I pray that this poem will give you the power

To remain, to stay, to preserve and to live.
To stay on this earth, and give all you are meant to give.
I Know You've Thought of Suicide
I had intended to submit this for a contest at my university but missed the due date, so I think it's best to put it here for people who need it. I think it's fitting that this is my firs poem of 2017, and I hope it gives you the strength you need. 

Heads up, I am always open for commissions. I'm bumping the price though, and atm it's $5.00. PM me if you're interested. Anything you want, it's just $5.00 :D 
As of recent, I feel as if my body has self-destructed
and I fear as if this lifeless shell moves on autopilot.

I have developed the habit of looking behind me,
to ensure that my limbs have not fallen to the concrete.

The tendons that hold them must have rotten away,
at least, I think it feels this way.

Yet when I look in the mirror I am oddly organic,
but inside of my body my mind wreaks havoc.

I can smell the scent of rotting flesh
emitting like a toxin from my breath.

And with each exhale my soul floats a way,
while my body loses its will to stay.

I am walking slowly into my grave,
the more that this syndrome eats at my brain.  

I am but a bag of decaying flesh
walking forever until I am dead.

Though when that will be, I do not know
for I feel like I died a long, long ago.
Dead Alive
Commission for MeepsterX who wanted a poem about Cotard's Syndrome, which is basically a psychological condition in which one believes they are dead (or at least that's one explanation). 

Title taken from Breaking Benjamin's Song, "Anthem of an Angel."
commissions still open, $2.00 each through paypal! 


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United States
Hey there! Lidsworth. 19. Psychology Major.

I write poetry for a hobby and occasionally draw. Hope you like my gallery, though beware, there are strong opinions.



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